SP4 Data Infrastructure


SP4 is the data hub of HeCaToS: Data generated through ‘omics and functional experiments (SP3) is combined with sample information (SP2), quality controlled, stored, and analysed in an integrated fashion to identify Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) and Hallmarks of Toxicity that are supported by evidence coming from multiple technological platforms and experimental models. The results generated in SP4 will inform, train, and validate the multi-scale modelling (SP1).

To fulfil this task, SP4 combines data management and warehousing infrastructure (WP9) with data curation and quality control pipelines (WP10), both directly feeding into data analysis platforms designed for the combined analysis of various data types to identify associations between compound effects, phenotype, and biomolecular patterns that are of statistical significance and biological relevance (WP11).

time wittenberger
Timo WIttenberger
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