Fundacion para la Investigacion del Hospital Universitario La Fe de la Comunidad Valenciana

HULAFE  is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages thescientific policy of the Health Department La Fe in Valencia. It is fully devoted totranslational medicine in different areas including mechanisms of human diseases, organtransplantation, regenerative medicine and cancer among others. The IIS hosts elaboratelaboratories and support services for research. Two research teams are participating inthis project: Experimental Hepatology and Regenerative Medicine Unit as well ClinicalUnits (Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and Cardiology Units. IIS la Fe has a fullyoperating Cell Therapy and Cell Culture Units that are well equipped for isolating humancells under GMP facilities and laboratories for cellular and molecular biology techniques,as well Metabolomics Unit with powerful analytical tools (HPLC-MS/MS, GC/MS/MSand Q-ToF). 

Team 4A: Unit for Experimental Hepatology

The Unit of Experimental Hepatology (UEH) integrates both basic as well clinicalresearchers. They have a large experience in isolating and culturing human hepatocytesthat they have used systematically in drug hepatotoxicity studies. In addition, they havepioneered the application of human hepatocytes in clinical cell therapies. The group hasgained considerable expertise in the application of metabolomics to drug toxicity studies.

Team 4B: Regenerative Medicine and Heart Trasplantation Unit

The Regenerative Medicine and Heart Trasplantation Unit (RETRACAR) is a groupintegrating basic cell and molecular biology researchers as well surgeons and clinicianswith major focus on heart regenerative therapy, cardiomiocyte biology and cardiotoxicityby drugs. In the clinical scene, the group is dedicated to the main cardiovascular diseasesaffecting Spanish population and is a leader in heart transplantation being the firsthospital in the ranking of number of interventions in this field.